Beautiful Warriors



To my Beautiful Warriors:

I may not know exactly the pain and suffering you experienced but I have had pain and suffered too – I understand.

I may not know completely of the journey and lessons you have received in your life but I have them too – I understand.

I may not walk in your shoes and have to face the choices you do but I have had to face mine too – I understand.

When you feel hopeless and in despair, I have felt it too and I say – keep going.

When you think you can’t take anymore, you are stronger than you know – keep going.

When you feel alone and it seems no one is there, you are not alone – keep going.

When you think you are not needed here anymore, you are needed – keep going.

When you feel you have no control, you always have control of your spirit – keep going.

When you are angry at the world, that is fear – turn to love for it is always the answer.

When you cannot understand what is going on around you – focus on understanding what’s going on within you.

When you think something is wrong with you, remember we are all perfectly imperfect.

When you need to feel uplifted, do something good for someone else – it will help you too.

When life feels so heavy, release your belief that it has to be and find relief in laughter or nature.

When your emotions and stress are too great – breath and focus on the messages they can teach you.

This too shall pass – look for the beauty in midst of the storm – have faith that you are important and you will get through this.

We are Beautiful Warriors  – together we are strong, we are one, we are love.

Love, light, & blessings to you,