Promote Your Happiness


This is on my wall and I view it every day.

Positive affirmations are excellent tools to clear out the negative clutter in your mind. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiring things that promote your happiness.

Other tools you can utilize are:



inspiring shows


positive & supportive people


yoga and/or exercise

Just like most things – it takes practice and consistency. Your happiness and inner peace are worth it. You are worth it! Do you have more suggestions? Please share them.

Love, light, & blessings to you,



To Be Better Than…


There’s nothing wrong with a little competition to put a fire under you to step up your game…

not to be better than they are but to expand yourself. To be the best you can be.

Years ago when I sang for a local non-profit organization, this was very important to me. Believe it or not, I wasn’t very competitive with the other performers.

I used to think to myself “I’m the wrong type of person for this.” Like something was wrong with me – being different than most. But being competitive made me feel bad and not being competitive didn’t stop me from working to improve. I respect others who are talented and by that admiration – it pushed me to want to improve so I could be the best version of myself. I still utilize this philosophy in my life today.

Do you think it is possible to do this or do you feel there are times when competing against another is necessary? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love, light, & blessings to you,


Never Give Up




Love and Oneness – Available October 2012 – I will be selling a limited amount of books that I will personally autograph this fall.

Although I’ve ALWAYS had faith and I’ve been on a spiritual journey for many years, the most growth was through my illness and facing the unknown for my future.

A year ago I was recovering from my adult regenerative stem cell transplant. I felt as if I had been given a second chance. My perspective and passion for life has been forever changed. I set my intention to fulfill my purpose, rise higher into consciousness, and deeper with my spirituality.

I do not take advantage of the many blessings. I do not take advantage of nature – a bird singing near my window or a butterfly crossing my path. I stop to smell the roses. I express my love for the people around me or that pass me by. 

NEVER give up hope!

NEVER let your light dim!

NEVER give up!

I will be featured in the book Adventures in Manifesting – Love and Oneness book. It is full of inspiring stories about self-love, true love, and oneness. This is my first publication and I’m very honored to share this experience with other incredibly positive, inspiring, and loving authors.

You never know what life will bring but one thing is for sure, we are each here for a reason and that alone is remarkable. I never would’ve imagined my life’s path would be here but – I don’t question it – I’m grateful – I trust in the Divine Plan for my life.  

NEVER give up on your dreams!

Love, Light, & Blessings to you,