Greatest challenges can bring the greatest growth.


Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

This journey that it took me through has led my life towards a direction that I never had imagined.

Through the challenges with Devic’s Disease, I was confronted with looking inward repeatedly. Sometimes it was to push myself forward to get through that day by gathering all my inner strength and spiritual faith.

Other times, it was to look inward at some of the emotional patterns I had developed through many years. Although, I had already been on a spiritual journey for many years, this illness brought some awareness that I still had much work to do. The lessons and growth NMO aka Devic’s opened me up to are very precious. Does that mean that I’m happy that I had it?

Of course not but I’m a firm believer in making the best from every situation. 

Now I find myself on a path of writing. I always loved to write poems and songs but now feel pulled to write in a new way, to share the lessons and inspire as my way to give back.

I feel that this is my purpose, to be of service and with this renewed sense of life, I intend to fulfill it. I’m very grateful for the Divine guidance and renewed view that I’ve been given for this beautiful gift of life. What do you feel your higher purpose is?

Love, Light, & Blessings,