Conflict Experiment

There are people that with their actions and/or words can be hurtful.

I have been trying an experiment for several months. I chose to stop focusing on their behavior and focus on the emotions that rose within me. Basically, instead of analyzing their sh*t – worked on my own.

These are the questions I’d ask my self:

1 – Why does it upset me?

2 – Is this something I need to work on?

3 – Where is this “trigger of emotion” coming from? (hint: It could be deeper and began years ago from some other event or person.)

4 – Do I have ALL of the facts or could my perception be wrong?

After I understand that part in myself, I doing some inner awareness and work. My next step is to stay with good intentions, empathy, and love towards them. This hasn’t always been easy! Matter of fact, sometimes extremely challenging.

During those difficult times, I remember this quote:

Karma - mine


It has paid off.

Basically, it was like this:

  • I worked on my own issues with it.
  • Stayed with loving intentions.

Nothing else.

The Universe/God/Divine/Karma took care of the rest.

Sound like I am taking complete responsibility for conflicts? No, just personal responsibility of what I can control. Things worked out in a good way and I was better from it.

Interested in trying the experiment? Let me know what your results are.

Love, Light, & Blessings to you,