Never Give Up




Love and Oneness – Available October 2012 – I will be selling a limited amount of books that I will personally autograph this fall.

Although I’ve ALWAYS had faith and I’ve been on a spiritual journey for many years, the most growth was through my illness and facing the unknown for my future.

A year ago I was recovering from my adult regenerative stem cell transplant. I felt as if I had been given a second chance. My perspective and passion for life has been forever changed. I set my intention to fulfill my purpose, rise higher into consciousness, and deeper with my spirituality.

I do not take advantage of the many blessings. I do not take advantage of nature – a bird singing near my window or a butterfly crossing my path. I stop to smell the roses. I express my love for the people around me or that pass me by. 

NEVER give up hope!

NEVER let your light dim!

NEVER give up!

I will be featured in the book Adventures in Manifesting – Love and Oneness book. It is full of inspiring stories about self-love, true love, and oneness. This is my first publication and I’m very honored to share this experience with other incredibly positive, inspiring, and loving authors.

You never know what life will bring but one thing is for sure, we are each here for a reason and that alone is remarkable. I never would’ve imagined my life’s path would be here but – I don’t question it – I’m grateful – I trust in the Divine Plan for my life.  

NEVER give up on your dreams!

Love, Light, & Blessings to you,



Emotional Mold

Sunshine in sky

Unattended negative thoughts and emotions seep into your subconscious.

Imagine standing in the bathroom watching the bathtub overflow with water as it escapes over the side and starts flooding the floor. The water damage will start leaking through, causing more damage into walls and floor boards, if left unattended, this will produce mold.

You can turn the facet off, drain the tub, and mop the water but what if the water damage is deeper? Or this continually happens over a long period of time? You are going to have water damage and mold. If the mold is left to grow and is unattended, it can create health issues.

You can put a rug down and paint over it but the water damage is still within the walls and floor boards. It won’t just disappear because you ignore it, you have to break open the layers and repair them.  

You can skirt around, distract, cover up, pass the buck, numb out – but it’s impossible to hide from yourself. 

Emotions that drive fear within us become emotional mold. If it isn’t love then it is fear. 

Fear (from Iyanla Vanzant)

1 – Losing someone’s love or rejection.

2 – Powerless – Helpless – Not Safe or Vulnerable

3 – Loss of Control

4 – Not being seen as valuable, worthy, or necessary.

You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them.”                                                                                                                                                                     ~Iyanla Vanzant

If an emotion rises up when you think or speak about a person or circumstance, it needs your attention. There is work to be done to get to the heart of the matter. 

Why does it upset you? Where is that coming from? What is the trigger? Is it true? Is it time to address and clear some emotional mold?

Love, Light, & Blessings to you,


Death – How to step up.


Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

“A heart, A hand – to show I understand, I will step up and follow a loving plan.”

We’ve been on both sides, the death of someone in our life or someone close to us suffering a loss in theirs. 

Or will be at some point in our lives, death is part of life. Last week my husband lost a family member and our daughter lost a young friend in a tragic accident. It was an emotional week and I wanted to be there to console each of them as they processed their grief. Since everyone deals with their emotions differently, my main focus was to be understanding. 

I set my intention – for both of them to know I love them and I care about what they are going through. 

My empathy was so large, for my husband and his family, for my daughter and her friends, and for the parents who lost their child. As a mother, I could only imagine how difficult that would be. 

How do you show your support?

  • Listen: In order for that person to process their emotions, they may need to talk about it. I also picked up on some cues for what they may need from me. They might want to be left alone. There are other ways to show you care without overstepping. Pay attention to the cues. Are they eating? Do they need some cleaning, errands done, etc? You can be present without being in their face if that’s what they wish.
  • Acknowledge: I wanted each of them to feel that I heard them, that their emotions are valid, and I understood. Be sensitive to their emotions and needs.
  • Space: I gave them some space so they could have some alone time. This can be tricky because too much space may be interpreted that they are alone in dealing with this or that I don’t care.
  • Action: A shoulder to cry on, a hug, and extra thoughtful things as an expression to care for them. Flowers, prayers, a card, and/or send food, etc.
  • Continued Support: I don’t believe in putting a time frame on how long someone should grieve. Holidays and birthdays can be a difficult time, just learning to move on without their physical presence is a new experience and takes time to adjust. 


 If your objective is emulating an expression of love, your good intentions and warm energy will be perfect support. 

Being supportive and loving is constant. It doesn’t mean you put your life on hold but taking a few minutes to call, email, or send a note is comforting. 

Sometimes the love that is needed is just for you to be present and that person to know with absolute certainty, that you are there.

Love, Light, & Blessings to you,


They’re Too Sensitive!


There is a difference between sensitive and insecure.

First, I’d like to define each when you’re speaking about another person’s response.

Sensitive: responsive to or aware of feelings, moods, reactions, etc.

Insecure: inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe.

Typically when there is a statement made, “They are just too sensitive!” Are they really being too sensitive or is it really their insecurities? 

I am a sensitive person. Meaning I’m sensitive to another person’s energy – when they are happy, sad, mad, positive, negative, etc. I am also sensitive to another’s feelings. I like to be aware of what they are needing from me and if I have that to offer. Do they need my opinion or do they just need me to listen? I am cautious with my opinions. 

We tend to judge people and/or situations based on our own experience and beliefs. We can assume how things should be according to our own determinations. Yet, we aren’t the ones who will have to deal with the consequences and most of the time, we don’t have all of the facts. 

You can’t have all of the facts if you aren’t living it.

With my sensitivity, I have lots of empathy. My sensitivity comes from an understanding and growth through my own trials and tribulations. I do not like to tell someone what to do with their life. I’ve learned that there are lessons and a journey we each need to learn from.

I’d rather guide than advise.

Insecurity is not a good feeling. Feeling insecure comes from a place of lack or fear of loss. I once had many battles with insecurity and it pops its ugly head out once in awhile but I’m more aware of it now. When I recognize it, I face it, and I dissolve it with the loving truth.

As I’ve become more aware of myself and have been warmly welcomed into consciousness – I don’t deal with insecurity as often. Unfortunately, there are many people who still battle their insecurities. When dealing with a person who’s insecurity is behind their reaction, I like to respond with my sensitivity and empathy. (This also requires me to keep my ego in its place too.) 

So the next time someone reacts and you recognize they’re upset; are they sensitive or are they feeling insecure? Since we all know what it feels like to be insecure and it is not a loving feeling – respond with empathy instead of judgement. 

Love, Light, & Blessings to you!


MedRebels Foundation for Stem Cell

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by this wonderful organization regarding the regenerative adult stem cell transplant that I had.

MedRebels has graciously added me to their home page on their website. If you click on my picture on the MedRebel home page, you can view my bio. Please check it out and share your thoughts.

Love & Blessings,

About MedRebels:

MedRebels is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to enhance quality of life through preventative and regenerative stem cell research and education. We want to see a world where stem cell therapies are available to all who want it.

At MedRebels, we are leading a health-focused revolution to renew and take control over the quality and longevity of our lives through preventative and regenerative medicine.

Put simply, we want to change lifestyle behaviors that are negatively affecting our health and well being and to understand how a healthy body and mind can keep us from disease and injury. We will fund research and education initiatives for the use of adult stem cells in regenerative medicine and preventative lifestyle programs.

Commit to a new way of thinking, a new way of living. BENU. Live your best life.

Join the revolution.


Greatest challenges can bring the greatest growth.


Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

This journey that it took me through has led my life towards a direction that I never had imagined.

Through the challenges with Devic’s Disease, I was confronted with looking inward repeatedly. Sometimes it was to push myself forward to get through that day by gathering all my inner strength and spiritual faith.

Other times, it was to look inward at some of the emotional patterns I had developed through many years. Although, I had already been on a spiritual journey for many years, this illness brought some awareness that I still had much work to do. The lessons and growth NMO aka Devic’s opened me up to are very precious. Does that mean that I’m happy that I had it?

Of course not but I’m a firm believer in making the best from every situation. 

Now I find myself on a path of writing. I always loved to write poems and songs but now feel pulled to write in a new way, to share the lessons and inspire as my way to give back.

I feel that this is my purpose, to be of service and with this renewed sense of life, I intend to fulfill it. I’m very grateful for the Divine guidance and renewed view that I’ve been given for this beautiful gift of life. What do you feel your higher purpose is?

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Gaining Through Grief

Recently, I lost a family member and mourned the loss of his death.

The fact is, death is a part of life. It’s a natural process that we all must experience. It’s not easy and some situations are more difficult than others.

After dealing with the initial shock, I decided to allow myself to feel whatever I needed to in the moment. There were times in the past that I would not want to feel the pain of sadness after the death of someone close so I would keep myself busy.

Since, I have become more aware of my spiritual and emotional inner-being, I didn’t want to suppress my emotions. I believe it’s important to allow yourself to feel. We have emotions for a reason and it’s a natural response to feel.

I’ve learned some healthy ways to deal with my feelings. The more confident I become with knowing who I am, helps me in knowing what I need to move through any circumstance. I always look for the lessons and an opportunity to grow.

While staying present in each moment that came, I found that love and support was all around. I kept myself open to the warmth of people that wanted to offer comfort. I even received comfort from some of his close friends that shared memories of their wonderful time together. I received comfort as they transferred some of the love they had towards me and my family. I had empathy for others as they were grieving a loss with me. I received some relief as we all stood together and cried, laughed, and loved while we said our final farewell to this beautiful and inspirational man who had been in my life since I was born.

Sometimes, I needed to “stop the noise” and be still and alone. It helped me reflect and find gratitude and receive peace knowing that his perfect spirit will never be gone. 

The most challenging moments in our lives presents an opening for our spirit to shine, widen our hearts, and connect with others. When we as individuals experience difficulty, we can form empathy for others. Even through loss and sadness, we can open ourselves for receiving. 

This poem I wrote sums up how I feel and what may help others as they grieve a loss. 

Remembrance Gift Poem PAGE


 Love, Light, & Blessings to you!




Source: via She Sings on Pinterest


“Bless everyone and everything that represents what you want! Blessing is effective in changing your life or getting what you want for three reasons: First of all, the positive focus of your mind stirs up the positive, creative force of the Power of the Universe. Secondly, it moves your own energy outward, allowing more of the Power to come through you. Thirdly, when you bless for the benefit of others instead of directly for yourself, you tend to bypass any subconscious fears about what you want for yourself, and also the very focus on the blessing acts to increase the same good in your life. What is so beautiful about this process is that the blessing you do for others helps them as well as you.” ~Serge Kahili King