Adventures in Manifesting: Love and Oneness


This amazing book peels back the layers of the human spirit to uncover your own exquisite beauty and unlimited potential. With contributions from over 30 authors, including thought leaders such as Lisa McCourt and Danielle LaPorte, each story will take you into a world of inspiration for your soul to resonate with.

Whether you wish to attract your soul mate or twin flame, create more inner peace and harmony, or embrace the rising consciousness of love and oneness, these stories will inspire and guide you on your own journey. You’ll also discover how to feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin, release the pain of past relationships, and seek your own happily ever after from within.

Each chapter is heart-warming for your soul, proving that with love anything is possible.

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My chapter is called “Releasing Your Past” and here is a peak:

To not be defined by negative past experiences or damaging mental thought cycles, was the goal. I believe it would be beneficial to us all. If each of us holds the empowerment for our own happiness, then it lies with personal responsibility. To me, I found this exciting but was stumped in the beginning. I want to have a core with constant peace and happiness. A habit to view life’s waves with a renewed and balanced prospective. How does one achieve and remain in that place?

This is an inspiring gift that keeps on giving and unique because it is signed by an author in the book. Give the gift of love.

(Note: The actual books do not have my name on the front cover – that is for marketing purposes.)

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