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Advocate for positive energy, spiritual growth, & self-awareness. 

My name is Janelle McArthur. I’m happily married with 4 children and have lived in Colorado all of my life. 

Like Oprah says, “Everyone has their story.” My life is my message and after everything I’ve been through – resilience, optimism, empathy towards others, & my faith – is my truth. Service for others is my path. 

Where did the name “She Sings Sweetly” come from?

My husband lovingly came up with it for me. When I was younger, I performed vocally for a local non-profit organization that promoted positive lifestyles to youth in the Denver metro area. Some of the locations I performed at – State Capital, Governer’s Mansion, and the National Anthem at Coors Field. In 2010, I performed downtown at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.

However, since going through my illness and stem cell transplant – the meaning was given a whole new perspective – a renewed sense of purpose, connection with my inner spirit, and the incredible lessons life offers.

My intention with this blog is to connect with you by sharing stories or thoughts – to inspire with love. I believe we are all connected and every single person has special gifts. If we tap into those blessed gifts – we enhance each others lives.

Welcome, stay awhile, and please continue to visit with me – I’d be honored to have your presence.

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Love, light, & blessings to you,


About MedRebels Foundation : To enhance life through preventative and regenerative adult stem cell research and education.

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  1. Another great way to stay in touch, but also to be kept updated about your health and book! You definitely have a story!!

    Love you…

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