Stop The Noise!


When I say stop the noise, it means many things.

If I feel like my mind has too many thoughts running, tasks to be done, worries, conversations, etc., it can be overwhelming. I have a hard time being in the present moment and focusing so I need to stop the noise.

I make some time, even if it’s a few minutes, for quiet. I focus on my breath so I can relax. Or I’ll read something inspirational so my mind can only focus on that, then I step away and have my quiet time, basically meditate. There are times that I pray but it’s a conversation between me and the Divine. Meditation is silence, stillness, and essentially openness. In a moment with too much noise, I need quiet.

I make sure that I make time everyday and with children and responsibilities, this can be challenging so helpful. I’m more calm and focused when I do this. If I need inspiration, to make an important decision, or I’m not in the right positive mindset, I take a moment to myself. I feel like these type of things are noise:

  • lack of sleep
  • overworked & exhausted
  • outside opinions 
  • stress
  • fear
  • negative thoughts towards yourself, another person, or circumstance

Too much noise can bring down your positive flowing vibe. It can make you emotional, moody, and clouded. I don’t function at my best when there’s too much noise so I stop the noise. When I’m done with my “time-out,” some of the volume might go up but it’s turned down and less hectic. 

Think of yourself in the middle of a crowded room, music is blazing loud, so many people are talking that you can’t make out any conversations, someone is asking something from you but you can’t understand what they’re saying, and you can’t see your way to the door to get out.

How does this scenario make you feel? Does it feel peaceful or stressful? This is what noise represents to me and it’s stressful. I want to be peaceful so I turn down the noise.

What represents noise to you?

Love & Blessings,


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