This Season….

I’ve really been enjoying what this time of year means for me. There are many lovely feelings this time of year brings & serves as a reminder. Everywhere I have gone, people were pleasant and traffic was clear. Our tree is so beautiful and I look at it several times a day. I smiled at people who’ve passed by me and they returned a kind smile back. Even though I won’t gather with all of my family, I’m grateful for the ones that I can. It’s comforts me to feel that even if we are miles away, we are together in spirit.

Gratitude is such a comforting and happy emotion to carry which seems to be coming back to me in unexpected ways. I’ve been studying Spiritual Laws aka Universal Laws. I realize some I’ve unknowingly used throughout my life and there’s some coincidence of some readings in the Bible. I have some work to do to apply these laws because I see truth in them but also work on to be happy with where I am and how far I’ve come now. This was a loving reminder from my husband. Something I’ve learned is to enjoy the journey and that’s where I’m at but it’s nice to be reminded. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, wishing you all a joyful time this season.

Love & Blessings,


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