They’re Too Sensitive!


There is a difference between sensitive and insecure.

First, I’d like to define each when you’re speaking about another person’s response.

Sensitive: responsive to or aware of feelings, moods, reactions, etc.

Insecure: inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe.

Typically when there is a statement made, “They are just too sensitive!” Are they really being too sensitive or is it really their insecurities? 

I am a sensitive person. Meaning I’m sensitive to another person’s energy – when they are happy, sad, mad, positive, negative, etc. I am also sensitive to another’s feelings. I like to be aware of what they are needing from me and if I have that to offer. Do they need my opinion or do they just need me to listen? I am cautious with my opinions. 

We tend to judge people and/or situations based on our own experience and beliefs. We can assume how things should be according to our own determinations. Yet, we aren’t the ones who will have to deal with the consequences and most of the time, we don’t have all of the facts. 

You can’t have all of the facts if you aren’t living it.

With my sensitivity, I have lots of empathy. My sensitivity comes from an understanding and growth through my own trials and tribulations. I do not like to tell someone what to do with their life. I’ve learned that there are lessons and a journey we each need to learn from.

I’d rather guide than advise.

Insecurity is not a good feeling. Feeling insecure comes from a place of lack or fear of loss. I once had many battles with insecurity and it pops its ugly head out once in awhile but I’m more aware of it now. When I recognize it, I face it, and I dissolve it with the loving truth.

As I’ve become more aware of myself and have been warmly welcomed into consciousness – I don’t deal with insecurity as often. Unfortunately, there are many people who still battle their insecurities. When dealing with a person who’s insecurity is behind their reaction, I like to respond with my sensitivity and empathy. (This also requires me to keep my ego in its place too.) 

So the next time someone reacts and you recognize they’re upset; are they sensitive or are they feeling insecure? Since we all know what it feels like to be insecure and it is not a loving feeling – respond with empathy instead of judgement. 

Love, Light, & Blessings to you!


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