Rethink – RE-Act

Definition of react: respond or behave in a particular way in response to something.

Changing your perspective of a situation is easier when you can take a step back and pray and/or meditate about it. But what if it’s a situation or statement that comes sudden & unexpected that tempts you to respond quickly? A change of habits helps. I know people that react and then reflect about it later. There were many times that I was guilty of this too. Going with a positive and more optimistic attitude has helped. I’ve noticed that by having more peace inside, keeps a level mind. Could be a new thought to hold onto for you and I?

What if we made a decision to have a different perspective now when it comes to other people? How do you react? Does it depend on what it is? Think of something that you are sensitive about. Why is that? It could be because of your upbringing or a life changing event that causes this. Whatever the reason, you recognize it. Take that same subject, not everyone is as sensitive about it. Why do you think that is? They have a different view for one reason or another. Whether you agree or not, the fact is we don’t all feel the same about everything or have the same thoughts. Thank goodness! My point is, maybe if we make a decision now, I may get upset or happy about something but respect that another person may not. It’s not our job to be the opinion police. They should have that right just like I have the right to feel like I do. Instead of they’re wrong and I’m right. Of course, I’m not thinking we don’t react. We react every day to something. If the weather is cooler, we may react by dressing warmer or turning the heat up higher. I mean to rethink reacting to things that upset us. How do I react? Maybe I should work on my response and re-act.

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