Gaining Through Grief

Recently, I lost a family member and mourned the loss of his death.

The fact is, death is a part of life. It’s a natural process that we all must experience. It’s not easy and some situations are more difficult than others.

After dealing with the initial shock, I decided to allow myself to feel whatever I needed to in the moment. There were times in the past that I would not want to feel the pain of sadness after the death of someone close so I would keep myself busy.

Since, I have become more aware of my spiritual and emotional inner-being, I didn’t want to suppress my emotions. I believe it’s important to allow yourself to feel. We have emotions for a reason and it’s a natural response to feel.

I’ve learned some healthy ways to deal with my feelings. The more confident I become with knowing who I am, helps me in knowing what I need to move through any circumstance. I always look for the lessons and an opportunity to grow.

While staying present in each moment that came, I found that love and support was all around. I kept myself open to the warmth of people that wanted to offer comfort. I even received comfort from some of his close friends that shared memories of their wonderful time together. I received comfort as they transferred some of the love they had towards me and my family. I had empathy for others as they were grieving a loss with me. I received some relief as we all stood together and cried, laughed, and loved while we said our final farewell to this beautiful and inspirational man who had been in my life since I was born.

Sometimes, I needed to “stop the noise” and be still and alone. It helped me reflect and find gratitude and receive peace knowing that his perfect spirit will never be gone. 

The most challenging moments in our lives presents an opening for our spirit to shine, widen our hearts, and connect with others. When we as individuals experience difficulty, we can form empathy for others. Even through loss and sadness, we can open ourselves for receiving. 

This poem I wrote sums up how I feel and what may help others as they grieve a loss. 

Remembrance Gift Poem PAGE


 Love, Light, & Blessings to you!


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