Feeling Overwhelmed?



It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and is stressful.

It seems that everyone is multi-tasking to keep up with daily responsibilities and expectations. As a mother, I can tend to feel overwhelmed from time to time. I honestly used to feel overwhelmed a lot in previous years but have since worked to keep my stress level at a minimum as a personal decision for my health.

I start out my day with a positive attitude and set my intention for the day along with some helpful things that can support that. 

Here are some things that I do that may help you:

Don’t look too far ahead – if you have a busy week or month ahead of you, by thinking of all the tasks you need to get done as a whole, is a lot to wrap your mind around. The focus needs to be today. What do you need to accomplish today? If there is an appointment that you need to schedule or call about today for a future date, that makes that call part of what you need to get done today.

Prioritize – If it helps you to make a list, by all means use this simple tool. This could also help you identify which tasks need to be done first. As you start scratching off the items you’ve completed, it makes you feel accomplished. This could also help you so that you don’t forget or feel like you forgot something.

Identify Your Goals – What kind of results would you like to have today? If you feel it’s impossible for you to get everything completed today, ask for help. Ask yourself, can it wait until tomorrow? If so, then it goes on the list you make for the next day. If you think, but my to do list tomorrow is large too! That’s tomorrow! Use this process each day that you need it.

Learn To Say No – It is a priority of mine that if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I want people in my life to know they can count on me. In order to fulfill that goal, I have to be aware of my abilities and when to say no. I would rather say no than disappoint someone who was counting on me. Sometimes circumstances happen that are beyond our control and we aren’t able to keep our obligation. However, if this is not a habit, they are more likely to be understanding.

Follow-Up – This is especially important if you are working with others to accomplish a project. It will give you peace of mind and possibly remind that person. Maybe you need it so you can set reminders for yourself on your computer or phone.

Give Yourself A Break – It can be helpful to step away for five minutes so you can clear your head, take some deep breaths, and get your motivation in order. Also, if you are constantly on the go and beat yourself up if you don’t complete every single task on your list. You are only one person and can only do one thing at a time. Beating yourself up about it, isn’t going to help you be more productive.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Identify your anxiety and worries. What are you afraid of? Where is this coming from? What can you do about it? Notice, I say “you.”

If you drift off to, well if so and so would do their job or help out, etc., you will only cause yourself more anguish because that is beyond your control. You can only control your own abilities, emotions, etc. You are not alone, we’ve all been in the same boat and I am speaking from personal experience. I feel it’s always good to share information that can help us all.

If you have some ideas or tips to add, please share them.

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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