Beautiful Warriors



To my Beautiful Warriors:

I may not know exactly the pain and suffering you experienced but I have had pain and suffered too – I understand.

I may not know completely of the journey and lessons you have received in your life but I have them too – I understand.

I may not walk in your shoes and have to face the choices you do but I have had to face mine too – I understand.

When you feel hopeless and in despair, I have felt it too and I say – keep going.

When you think you can’t take anymore, you are stronger than you know – keep going.

When you feel alone and it seems no one is there, you are not alone – keep going.

When you think you are not needed here anymore, you are needed – keep going.

When you feel you have no control, you always have control of your spirit – keep going.

When you are angry at the world, that is fear – turn to love for it is always the answer.

When you cannot understand what is going on around you – focus on understanding what’s going on within you.

When you think something is wrong with you, remember we are all perfectly imperfect.

When you need to feel uplifted, do something good for someone else – it will help you too.

When life feels so heavy, release your belief that it has to be and find relief in laughter or nature.

When your emotions and stress are too great – breath and focus on the messages they can teach you.

This too shall pass – look for the beauty in midst of the storm – have faith that you are important and you will get through this.

We are Beautiful Warriors  – together we are strong, we are one, we are love.

Love, light, & blessings to you,


Positive Thinking Blocks

“To me at the time, the Law of Attraction was all about positive thoughts. If you think positive – you’ll receive positive. Imagine my disappointment when positive thinking wasn’t enough.”

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Observing Abundance for Another

Are you living life like it’s a board game – rushing through everything and eager to get to the end – or are you enjoying every bit of the journey, including both your own successes and the success of others? Check out my article as a guest author:

The Drama Drug

Have you known someone or are you addicted to drama? When I was younger I was addicted to drama and didn’t even realize it. 

I grew up in an area where fighting and having gangs around happened daily. I was ready to jump on the defensive and into someone’s face if I felt disrespected or intimidated. If someone swung at me, I wouldn’t sit there and allow myself to get hit. How could it be my fault if I’m just defending myself? That’s how I justified it and I was very reactive. 

I was addicted to the drama drug. On guard constantly and waiting for the next disagreement. I could blame my environment because constant conflicts appeared but I chose to participate. 

When I was in middle school, a friend of mine and I were hanging out in the school’s field during lunch time. Four other girls approached us and began verbally attacking and trying to bully my friend. She was not like me at all – she couldn’t and didn’t want to fight. I jumped up in her defense and wanted to fight all four of them. 

One of the girls asked me, “You want to fight all four of us? By yourself?”  

I said, “Yep, let’s go!” I was in complete rage and figured – they may win but I will hurt them on my way down.

They called me crazy, walked away, and never bothered us again. 

I didn’t know about manifesting then, but I manifested drama. It was fear-based anger. I feared if I didn’t stick up for myself and fight then I would get bullied. I also had a very difficult home life which triggered these outbursts. My step-father was extremely abusive and our home felt like a constant war zone. It was a place that I felt powerless and could not defend myself, otherwise I paid a hefty price. It all bled into my school life. I justified it for awhile because some of the contributors weren’t mine to own but when facing the truth – my response is my responsibility.

Drama becomes like a drug. We expect it and look for it all the time, even get a twisted high off of it.

Emotional pain that is ignored will infect other areas of our life. With circumstances and other people – we lash out towards others when we feel wronged. Once one is over, we look for the next high. I didn’t like feeling that way but yet I kept feeding off of it like a drug.

I carried that behavior for years, I called her “Ghetto Janelle”. I wouldn’t control my words and head would start moving defensively. I felt that served me since I didn’t get bothered very much and some of my friends behaved the same way. We were very close, loyal, and protective of one another – like a family. I almost joined a gang, choosing to get “jumped in” which is where several members beat you up as an initiation. Makes good sense right? Not! I was creating the feeling of a family that I didn’t have at home but at what cost? I hesitated and put it off because deep down I knew it wasn’t the answer.

My external environment had conflict, I brought that conflict inward, and then reflected it with my behavior. I constantly battled my flight or fight attitude against my desire to have peace and harmony.

The drama drug isn’t just about physical fighting, it’s constant drama and being reactive to it.

-Constant conflicts with other people and always looking for the next falling out.

-Drama in circumstances and consistently looking for the next problem.

-Irrational reactions to other people or circumstances.

-Constantly dragging other people into issues for attention.

-Jumping to extreme conclusions without valid proof or facts.

We tend to point the finger towards the other person but the real issue that we can control – is within. Conflicts with others that triggers an emotional response because the other person is showing us something about ourselves that we don’t like. To correct that is to investigate where the deep rooted issue comes from, pull it out from the roots, and work through that pain. Until then, it will continue to spread into other areas of our lives.

I am not addicted to the drama drug anymore and utilize positive resolutions. I feel so far away from “Ghetto Janelle” now. I don’t dislike her – I learned some very valuable lessons from her drama addiction. As I embrace peace and harmony, that is what I receive. I learned to focus on getting along with others authentically. I love people and I feel love in return.

Self-love and acceptance can create some incredible healing and growth. Life brings change and challenges but we don’t need to be attached to a drama-filled experience. You can have peace in your life, heart, and spirit – even with obstacles.

Love, light, & blessings to you,




The Key is in Your Pocket

While visiting with some friends, they were reminiscing about some people they went to school with. I had just met Dave and when a particular name was brought up, he got really angry. “When I see him again I’m going to beat the s*&t out of him. He’s the reason I got in the service so I could learn how to kill a man and defend myself!” I looked at him like “Oh my goodness!”

Dave said to me, “I really am a nice guy, one of the nicest you’ll meet. It’s just that, every day this kid would torment me. I hated going to school because of him.” He continued to explain the circumstances and pain that he went through. I gave him my full attention and just listened. I could see that those memories brought up a lot of pain and reminded him of the suffering.  

Bullying someone is cruel and I don’t agree with it but I resisted agreeing with Dave’s anger because it was more important for him to recognize it. 

After he was finished, I replied empathetically, “That must’ve been really difficult but it was like 20 years ago. You’re still carrying that which means you’re still giving him that power. What he did to you is his Karma and it is not yours to own. You have to let it go and heal from that, otherwise you’re only hurting yourself.”  

Dave’s face softened, “That’s true, I never thought about it that way before.”


I wanted to share this because I feel that a lot of us hold onto pain from someone who hurt us. We carry our anguish around disguised with anger and justification. Dave never got an apology but that is not a requirement to forgive. I used to believe that a sincere apology was required in order for forgiveness to begin. 

Waiting for an apology before you can forgive is like waiting for the person to open the lock when the key is in your own pocket.

Even if the person apologizes – the decision to forgive is still up to you. Forgiving isn’t agreeing with their behavior but maybe a better understanding towards others. Knowing how that offense feels and that you don’t want to repeat the same behavior. Release it -set yourself free from chains that hold your spirit down. Don’t continue to carry that pain for them any longer because it isn’t about them anymore – it’s about you. What you need to do to forgive to allow your healing to begin. 

Are you struggling to forgive? Would you like to share your story?

Love, light, and blessings to you,



One size fits all?


One thing doesn’t work for everyone. One solution isn’t the end-all answer.

I have 4 kids – “one size only” doesn’t fit them. They have different personalities, communications styles, and ways they process information. One form of praise or discipline doesn’t work the same. Each of them have their different switch for what works. They have different dreams and goals for their lives, this doesn’t make one better than the other – I love their uniqueness. While raising and teaching them – they are always teaching me more.

Think about all the differences we all have:

  • Strengths/ Weaknesses
  • Communication Techniques
  • Talents
  • Experiences
  • Paths
  • Religions
  • Purpose
  • Learning Styles
  • Coping Strategies
  • Cultural Backgrounds
  • Body Shapes
  • Shoe Sizes

The list goes on and on.

Most of us want the same things – peace, love, success, acceptance, and to make our mark on this world so we can feel we’ve made a difference. How we each get there is different and what those look like can even be different.  

Let’s embrace the differences. I find it wonderfully amazing that we all bring something different.

What are some unique things about yourself that you love?

Love, light, & blessings to you,


Promote Your Happiness


This is on my wall and I view it every day.

Positive affirmations are excellent tools to clear out the negative clutter in your mind. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiring things that promote your happiness.

Other tools you can utilize are:



inspiring shows


positive & supportive people


yoga and/or exercise

Just like most things – it takes practice and consistency. Your happiness and inner peace are worth it. You are worth it! Do you have more suggestions? Please share them.

Love, light, & blessings to you,



To Be Better Than…


There’s nothing wrong with a little competition to put a fire under you to step up your game…

not to be better than they are but to expand yourself. To be the best you can be.

Years ago when I sang for a local non-profit organization, this was very important to me. Believe it or not, I wasn’t very competitive with the other performers.

I used to think to myself “I’m the wrong type of person for this.” Like something was wrong with me – being different than most. But being competitive made me feel bad and not being competitive didn’t stop me from working to improve. I respect others who are talented and by that admiration – it pushed me to want to improve so I could be the best version of myself. I still utilize this philosophy in my life today.

Do you think it is possible to do this or do you feel there are times when competing against another is necessary? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love, light, & blessings to you,


Conflict Experiment

There are people that with their actions and/or words can be hurtful.

I have been trying an experiment for several months. I chose to stop focusing on their behavior and focus on the emotions that rose within me. Basically, instead of analyzing their sh*t – worked on my own.

These are the questions I’d ask my self:

1 – Why does it upset me?

2 – Is this something I need to work on?

3 – Where is this “trigger of emotion” coming from? (hint: It could be deeper and began years ago from some other event or person.)

4 – Do I have ALL of the facts or could my perception be wrong?

After I understand that part in myself, I doing some inner awareness and work. My next step is to stay with good intentions, empathy, and love towards them. This hasn’t always been easy! Matter of fact, sometimes extremely challenging.

During those difficult times, I remember this quote:

Karma - mine


It has paid off.

Basically, it was like this:

  • I worked on my own issues with it.
  • Stayed with loving intentions.

Nothing else.

The Universe/God/Divine/Karma took care of the rest.

Sound like I am taking complete responsibility for conflicts? No, just personal responsibility of what I can control. Things worked out in a good way and I was better from it.

Interested in trying the experiment? Let me know what your results are.

Love, Light, & Blessings to you,